Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.
— Napolean Hill

Shauna Havlina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering counseling services in Redding, CA and surrounding areas. Her therapy office is conveniently located in downtown Redding -  in the beautiful McCormick Mansion. She specializes in therapy with families, couples, and children and has devoted years of education and training to issues of stress, trauma, and loss.

Shauna Havlina, LMFT49615

Shauna Havlina, LMFT49615

"Relationships are the foundation of life. As children, adults, and families, we all face challenges and experience traumatic events which shape our personalities and behavior. I am committed to restoring lives shaken by stress and personal obstacles. My work can help you overcome traumatic events, reestablish healthy attachments, and restore the connections and trust essential to fulfilling lives and relationships.

I approach therapy from a client centered point of view. You are the expert on yourself and your family. Inside of you is the potential for insight, growth, and change." 



Individuals, families, children, and adolescents are all welcome. Schedule a session today to start your journey toward strength and growth.