Understand the brain

Let's be honest. Kids flip out a LOT. Mine just did it in the middle of the grocery store. And the whole time, I just thought "WHY are you acting like this??". How often do we say that to our kids? Or at least think it about them....

"How did we get here?"

"You were totally calm two seconds ago"

"You just said you did want the cookie, why are you screaming that you don't want the cookie??"

Knowing the how and why of the flip out can really help parents and kids get it together. When kids flip out, so do parents. And this can lead to a disconnection in your relationship. Dr. Siegel helps us understand how to connect the different sides of the brain, and consequently how to re-connect with our children.

Understanding the brain can help you keep from "flipping your lid". And when you do flip...don't stress. It's human! But understanding the how and why can allow you to reconnect and get back in control. 

Try connecting with your child by teaching them this hand model of the brain. And then remind each other when you feel a "flip out" coming on.