Carry On, Warrior

I recently finished reading Glennon Doyle Melton's book Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life and I found it to be such an inspiring and lovely read. Any woman, momma, warrior who wants to be reminded of how normal it is to have a messy life would feel validated by reading this book. Here are the three quotes I found most encouraging for my own messy journey:

“My most important parenting job is to teach my children how to deal with being human. There is really only one way to deal gracefully with being human, and that is: forgive yourself. It's not a once-and-for-all thing, self-forgiveness. It's more like a constant attitude. It's just being hopeful. It's refusing to hold your breath. It's loving yourself enough to offer yourself a million more tries. It's what we want our kids to do every day for their whole lives, right? We want them to embrace being human instead of fighting against it. We want them to offer themselves grace. Forgiveness and grace are like oxygen: we can't offer it to others unless we put our masks on first. We have to put our grace masks on and breathe in deep. We have to show them how it's done. We need to love ourselves if we want our kids to love themselves. We don't necessarily have to love them more; we have to love ourselves more. We have to be gentle with ourselves. We have to forgive ourselves and then...oh my goodness...find ourselves sort of awesome, actually, considering the freaking circumstances.” 
“Kind people are brave people. Brave is not something you should wait to feel. Brave is a decision. It is a decision that compassion is more important than fear, than fitting in, than following the crowd.” 
"There are only two lives we might live: our dream or our destiny. Sometimes they are one in the same, and sometimes they're not. Often our dreams are just a path to our destinies... While you dream your dreams, he's busy building your destiny. And there is as much beauty in your destiny as there was in your dream. Let go and believe that whatever it is, it will be beautiful."

Oh my, how that last quote speaks to my momma soul. Moving my family, closing my practice, starting again in a new place...That wasn't my dream. I've had a difficult time letting go of my practice and the work I did with my wonderful clients in the Antelope Valley. But I am in the process of letting go, and believing that this next part of my destiny will be beautiful.

That is my wish for you, dear reader. That you would find the courage to see when your dream doesn't match up with your destiny, and then let it go.

Understand the brain

Let's be honest. Kids flip out a LOT. Mine just did it in the middle of the grocery store. And the whole time, I just thought "WHY are you acting like this??". How often do we say that to our kids? Or at least think it about them....

"How did we get here?"

"You were totally calm two seconds ago"

"You just said you did want the cookie, why are you screaming that you don't want the cookie??"

Knowing the how and why of the flip out can really help parents and kids get it together. When kids flip out, so do parents. And this can lead to a disconnection in your relationship. Dr. Siegel helps us understand how to connect the different sides of the brain, and consequently how to re-connect with our children.

Understanding the brain can help you keep from "flipping your lid". And when you do flip...don't stress. It's human! But understanding the how and why can allow you to reconnect and get back in control. 

Try connecting with your child by teaching them this hand model of the brain. And then remind each other when you feel a "flip out" coming on.

Relationships are good for your health

Relationships have health benefits that can help people live longer

A study at Brigham Young University shows that close relationships are good for your health. Researchers equate isolation to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. "Turns out, social isolation may actually be one of the biggest risk factors for human mortality."

Mothers of Infants Therapy Support Group

We are proud to announce the start of our Mothers of Infants Therapy Support Group! Join us Mondays @ 11AM in our Lancaster office. This is a free group meant to support women in their journey of motherhood. Moms are welcome to bring babies up to 1 year old. 

Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed with your new role as mom?

Worried that you may be experiencing symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

Need a place to vent?

Want to meet other moms who have been exactly where you are right now?

This is the place for you!